Who is Lou

Lou Cespedes is a native of New York City and a first generation Cuban-American. He is a graduate of Pratt Institute School of Architecture in Brooklyn and is a building professional with expertise in civil architecture. He began his career in 1996, designing community centers with the New York City Housing Authority in Brooklyn, St George Ferry Terminal for the MTA in Staten Island and later in the private sector on JFK Terminal 4. 


For the last decade, his activities have increasingly focused toward planning and building initiatives for state and municipal governments, as well as educational institutions. His skills in the arena of management make him an expert in property assessment, due diligence, investment strategy, and best building practices. 


Currently, Lou resides in East Flatbush, Brooklyn. He is a father and husband as well as a homeowner, a community mentor, a member of Emmanuel Baptist Church for over 15 years, and an urban advocate. Lou is also your candidate for City Council in Brooklyn’s 45th District. 


As a local advocate, Lou is focused primarily against massive upzoning efforts in East Flatbush and works to improve housing access and private property literacy. His recent zoning and technical work with Pratt Center for Community Development resulted in a proposal before the City Council to expand a current local pilot program in East New York to the entire city; the program legalizes basement and cellar apartments. Lou believes that this proposal will offer economic relief to at-risk and distressed homeowners in the district and beyond while increasing affordable housing options throughout the city. 


Flatbush Deserves Better!


My vision is one of economic self determination, accessibility and mobility. As someone who understands hard work and merit, I believe that if given the tools and guidance, we can create economic security, provide jobs, and restore our youth. To do this we will focus on four pillars, Land Use, Education, Housing and  Health.  This campaign is defining a vision of equity and security in our dynamic & changing community. I believe that we can build an economically sustainable future providing better education alternatives, housing solutions, healthcare, & entrepreneurship. I know it can be achieved when our own talents are guided by experience, determination, and trust.

Flatbush Deserves Better!

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