Issues in our Community

Land Use

Land use policy has a history of outright racism and exclusion. 

I am an architect and I love the Victorian designs on both sides of Flatbush Avenue. But if our neighborhood does not offer housing options that are affordable to people of many incomes. Do we just accept this?


Do we ask lower income folks to figure it out on their own? 

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Flatbush Deserves Better!


Health Care

Health Care and Coverage options should be centered around family needs.


Younger families have had to put off child rearing in these economic times because it is just not practical. The cost of raising a child is beyond high. And those that have chosen to brave these odds have come to find out they’re getting even less from the healthcare system.


Access to affordable healthcare is a human right.


We have to find ways to make starting a family, and help keeping them healthy affordable.


Flatbush Deserves Better. 

Education Alternatives

New York City Public Schools are among the most segregated school districts in the country. We as a community and as parents must demand self-determination in our schools, and we must wrest control of our children’s education from an institutional structure that does not proportionally fund our schools and is bankrupting our community. Parents must have greater control over the types of schools, the programming schools offer; it’s teachers and accessibility.

Flatbush Deserves Better. 


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